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Therapy Descriptions


Relaxation Therapy

Massage oils are used with smooth, gliding strokes. Relaxation Therapy uses light to medium pressure to promote relaxation, ease muscle tension and create other health benefits. It is a classic massage that will ease your stress and allow you to slip into a calm state of relaxation. This modality does not include deep work or Cupping Therapy. 

Integrative Therapy

This modality is medium to deep pressure and is designed to remove severe tension, trigger points, and stress. Deep tissue, Neuromuscular Therapy, Cupping Therapy, Gua Sha, and/or Bamboo massage techniques are used to relieve both muscles and connective tissue deep below the surface. It helps to improve the range of motion and heal injuries below the surface.

Reiki & Polarity Therapy

A healing technique based on the principle that the therapist can channel healing energy into the client by means of touch, to activate the natural healing processes of the body and restore physical and emotional well-being.

Pre/Post OP Manual Lymphatic Drainage

Stimulates the movement of the lymphatic fluids to assist the body in cleansing.  A gentle, rhythmical technique that cleanses the connective tissue of inflammatory materials and toxins, enhances the activity of the immune system, reduces pain, and lowers the activity of the sympathetic nervous system. Essential treatment before and after surgery. 


Essential oils form the basis of aromatherapy. In Aromatherapy Massage these oils can be massaged on your body, inhaled, or sprayed in the air. The oils are absorbed into the bloodstream via the skin thus speeding up the resulting benefits of the oils.


Massage of the feet using points that stimulate corresponding areas in the body.  Relieves stress and tension, improves circulation and lymphatic flow, and works to unblock nerve impulse pathways.

Cupping Therapy

An ancient form of alternative medicine in which a local suction is created on the skin; this mobilizes blood flow to promote healing and reduces the appearance of scars.  

Emotion Code

As we live life, we experience many emotions. Emotion Code releases negative emotions that have become trapped in the body. 

Gua Sha

A natural, alternative therapy that involves scraping of the skin to improve circulation, relieve tension, and reduce fluid buildup.

Bamboo Massage

The use of warm bamboo during treatment helps relax muscles for increased deep tissue work.

Scalp Massage with Oils

This luxurious spa treatment involves thirty or sixty minutes of scalp massage including oils tailored to the individual hair and scalp needs. The oils are massaged into the hair and scalp and then a steam towel is wrapped around the head to seal in the benefits of the oils.
Dry itchy scalp or dandruff=Neem oil+essential oils
Fine or premature graying=Coconut oil+essential oils
Thick oily hair=Olive oil+essential oils
Stimulate hair growth/moisturizing=Jojoba oil+essential oils

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