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Infrared Salt Sauna

Detoxify and heal your body in the warmth of an Infrared Salt Sauna!

Sessions are $40 for 30 mins. 

Benefits include:

Lowers blood pressure, body detox, eases pain and inflammation, enhances blood flow, improves cardiovascular health, eases joint stiffness, reduces malignant cancer cells, boosts the immune system, promotes weight loss, improves sleep, clearer skin,


of Healing

Massage & Wellness

Pink Himalayan Salt

Option 1 Membership

Enjoy coming in at least once a month? Sign up for the $30 monthly membership. This includes one visit per month with any additional sessions at $30, which is $10 off the single session rate. 

Pink Himalayan Salt
Woman in a Sauna
Woman in a Sauna

Option 2 Membership

This is an unlimited monthly membership! Sign up for the $100 monthly membership and come in anytime during regular business hours. Sessions are 30 mins and it is recommended to schedule an appointment so you will not have to wait.

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